Appropriate Behavior and Attendance Policy:

Aquatic Solutions, Inc. strives to maintain a safe and supportive teaching environment for all participants. Disruptive behavior is prohibited in any of our classes. Disruptive behavior is any behavior which Aquatic Solutions, Inc regards as speech or action which 1) is disrespectful, offensive, and/or threatening, 2) interferes with the learning activities of other students, 3) impedes the delivery of instructional services, and/or 4) has a negative impact in any learning environment – including classrooms and aquatic environments. Disruptive behavior includes physically, verbally or psychologically harassing, threatening, or acting abusively toward an instructor, staff member, or toward other students in any activity conducted by Aquatic Solutions, Inc.

Refund Policy:  

We offer a very flexible policy. Students who pay in full for classes (Base level and Instructor level) are entitled to a full refund only if they cancel their class within three (3) days of their purchase date. After this date they cannot receive a full refund but are allowed to transfer the money they paid for the class to the next available class date for the same class for an administrative fee of $15.00 up until 24 hours prior to the class start time.

Note: Cancellations, changes or Transfers are not allowed within 24 hours of the class start time and if a student does not show up to the class without transferring to another date prior, they forfeit their payment for the class they registered for. Within 24 hours of the class start time, in the event of family or medical emergency which does not enable you to attend a class session, we do allow for a 24 hour Emergency Transfer fee of $50.00 to another class equal to the class you registered for. This applies only to students who notify us prior to the class start time. Missed classes are not eligible for this arrangement.
It is the responsibility of the student to prepare for any pre-course assessments prior to the first day. If any pre-course assessments, written exams or skill based scenarios are not successfully completed the student will not receive a refund for the class however the student would be allowed to register for the next class for half (1/2) the cost that they paid for the class. 

There is no refund given for any students who do not show up to class and all students must attend all sessions and participate in all activities. 

For organizations or individuals who obtain a group rate for any class, there is no refund given for any students/employees who do not show up to class. If any pre-course assessments are not successfully completed by any student, the organization or individual who has obtained a group rate for any class may not receive a refund however the student would be allowed to register for the next class for half (1/2) the cost that was paid for the class. It is the responsibility of the student to prepare for any pre-course assessments prior to the first day. 

Additionally, for Instructor level classes, any payments to the American Red Cross cannot be refunded or moved to another class. The exception is if a scheduled class cancels due to an enrollment level issue or if an instructor class has an official change in start dates that is different than the original dates registered for. In the event of a change of dates, the payment made to the American Red Cross, as well as any completed online coursework, will be automatically transferred to the revised start date of the Instructor level class.

For base level Lifeguarding classes only: NEW retake policy. In the event you do not pass any part of the class you may retake the class as many times as you wish until you succeed with no additional payment. Nobody has this policy and we mean it when we say we are dedicated to our students success!! Your enrollment fees will be rolled over to the next session. Restrictions on this policy are the following:

1. Retrys must be spaced out so as to give adequate preparation time for each attempt. You must allow at minimum 3 weeks per each attempt.  You may attempt sooner only if the Aquatic Solutions Lifeguarding Instructor onsite allows for a class re-attempt sooner based on a students performance.  The instructor will need to notify us and provide a report on the students progress and we will review and if approved, allow the re-attempt sooner than 3 weeks. In the event of needing a re-try, you can discuss with your instructor the steps you need to take. We are committed to helping all our students and are there to help!!

2. Lifeguarding classes are not learn to swim classes. Students must demonstrate a minimally sufficient proficiency in required strokes. Students must demonstrate proper stroke mechanics and stamina. If a student registers for a Lifeguarding class and cannot swim in deep water they will be deemed a significant risk to themselves and their classroom peers and must obtain, either from an Aquatic Solutions swimming program, or another swim program, written proof of swimming instructional sessions before they are allowed to reattempt the Lifeguarding session.