How to become an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard

If you are at least 15 years old and need a Job, we have a wonderful opportunity for you… Lifeguarding! Aquatic Solutions was ranked in 2017 by the American Red Cross as the # 1 authorized provider in aquatics and will likely be again for 2018. Being an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard opens you up to many rewarding opportunities and the pay for Lifeguards has never been higher than today.

By taking the American Red Cross Lifeguarding class with Aquatic Solutions you will be considered having a “Gold Standard” for your training. Aquatic Solutions Lifeguards are in great demand because of the high quality training we provide and the real world preparation we instill in our Lifeguards. You as a lifeguard will be well prepared for that guard chair.

Our students have virtually no issue finding a Lifeguard position with minimum pay at around $16.00/hr reaching towards $20.00/hr and more at some places. We also offer internal staffing services for full and part time work as they are available with our partner facilities.

Aquatic Solutions offers reasonably priced classes and all of our Lifeguarding classes include CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid certification AND includes a Pocket Face Mask combo set (Adult and Pediatric masks) that are YOURS to keep. We also offer an optional Waterfront Lifeguarding add-on module for people who love the beach, sun and surf! In addition, if you live in Nassau County NY, we also offer a course to help prepare individuals for the Nassau County Certifications.

Registering for a Lifeguarding class in New York is easy on our website. Feel free to ask a question and get the accurate answer quickly on our live chat that is staffed with Lifeguarding Instructors and Instructor Trainers who eat, drink and swim this business!

We offer numerous offerings and locations as well as the best group of Lifeguarding Instructors who make every class an enjoyable and fun experience. We also have regular discounts for our classes and our website is very mobile optimized so you can book the class from your phone. You are just a click away to a great career that is not only fun but pays incredible.

Register today for our American Red Cross Lifeguarding course, an amazing Aquatic Solution for your employment for years to come!! Also, after you lifeguard for a while you can think about becoming a Lifeguarding Instructor and maybe work with us!